Back from the USSR

YIVO Institute for Jewish Research

In the Footsteps of the Soviet Yiddish Propaganda Song «Hey Djankoye»

This lecture from Professor David Assaf (Tel Aviv University) will trace the migration of a Yiddish propaganda song, which was originally written in the 1920s to encourage Soviet Jews to join the new colonies in Crimea and to become farmers. The melody of this song found its way to the new State of Israel and became the tune of a song which was written in March 1949, on the same day that the Israeli army conquered Um-Rashrash, known today as Eilat. During the 1960s the Soviet song was revived by American folk singers, among them Pete Seeger.

Max Weinreich Fellowship Lecture in East European Jewish Studies

The Professor Bernard Choseed Memorial Fellowship and the Natalie and Mendel Racolin Memorial Fellowship

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Адрес: New York, 15 W 16th St

Back from the USSR

New York, 15 W 16th St