Cocktails and Fireside Chat With Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf

YJP - Young Jewish Professionals

Join us and the YJP community for a stimulating and thought provoking evening. Together we will be exploring the intersection of Kabbala and Pyscholgoy and what ancient this ancient wisdom has to share with us in our contemporary lives. Come join over 100 YJP’s for an evening of connection and conversation. Open bar and hors d’oeuvre will be served.

Rabbi Dr. Laibl Wolf of Australia has been a worldwide teacher of spirituality for almost two generations. He draws upon contemporary positive psychology side by side with ancient spiritual wisdoms to create a unique synthesis of past and present, reshaping people’s lives and values.
Having trained in law and psychology, he is an unusual blend of Hassidic Rabbi, therapist and teacher, who has shared at the Fortune 500 Convention, the International Psychological Conference, the GAwler international Wellness convention as well as various spiritual and even Buddhist ashrams.

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