Dress to Impress Nosh:pitality


If you’ve ever wondered why when a salad you eat ANYWHERE ELSE but your home tastes so much better, we’re here for you. We’ve been there. We know the struggle.

Lettuce teach you how to make the most amazing dressings at our Nosh:pitality so you can throw down at all future Shabbat dinners. In this hands-on workshop, we’ll learn from OUR NAME IS FARM how to make a few different dressings, turn some local greens into seriously impressive salads, and eat a fresh summery dinner together.

Specialty cocktail generously sponsored by HETTA GLOGG and Bruce Cost Ginger Ale.

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Адрес: Brooklyn, 40 Bushwick Ave

Dress to Impress Nosh:pitality

Brooklyn, 40 Bushwick Ave