Re'eh - Seeing the blessing in your life!


People around you are all preparing to see — to see a rare event of Solar Eclipse.

But the Torah tells us to get prerared to see something else — to see the blessings that are always around us. How can we start seeing them? What kind of «glasses» we need for this? This Shabbat we’ll look for the answers together.

Join us — and start seeing the blessings of YOUR life!

Our Shabbat Re’eh («Look») will take place at the RAJE Beit Abraham Center at the Jewish Center of Brighton Beach on Friday, August 18th, 2017.

Below is a full schedule of the Shabbat.

Parasha Eikev

Friday Night 8/18/17
Candle Lighting (Moadon) — 7:31 PM
Minchah and Kabbalat Shabbat Service (Beit Midrash) — 7:45 PM
Delicious four-course Shabbat meal — 8:45 PM
Oneg After party with Rabbi Tamir Zaltsman — 10:45 PM

Shabbat Day 8/19/17
Shacharit (Main Synagogue)- 9:30 AM
Kiddush (Moadon) — 11:30 AM
Words of Wisdom (Beit Midrash) — 12:00 PM
Lunch at Home Hospitality (email ed.rajeba@gmail for placement) — 1:00 PM
Minchah (Beit Midrash) — 7:20 PM
Third meal — 7:40 PM
Havdalah — Wine, Candles and Songs with our singing Rabbis — 8:41 PM

Members — $18, non-members — $25 (to obtain membership or to donate visit our website).

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Адрес: Brooklyn, 2915 Ocean Parkway

Re'eh - Seeing the blessing in your life!

Brooklyn, 2915 Ocean Parkway