Taylor Swift's Revenge: Yom Kippur Workshop

Manhattan Jewish Experience

Taylor Swift’s latest video «Look What You Made Me Do» points fingers at Kanye, Kim, and Katy Perry.

Join Rabbi Mark Wildes and young Jewish professionals Monday, September 25@8 to eat, drink, mingle and discuss:

How do we channel Yom Kippur to confront our personal feelings of hurt, revenge and forgiveness? Are we really expected to «forgive and forget»? What is the healthy way to confront our loved ones after the hurt, to maintain our relationships?

Why is Yom Kippur the holiest day in the Jewish calendar? What is forgiveness? What is the right way to atone for sins between man & God and those committed against another person? Does God really seal our judgement on this day? Why do we refrain from eating and drinking?

Classes include Steve Eisenberg’s «Torah Portion of the Week» @7 and Rabbi Mark Wildes Yom KippurWorkshop @8. Gather to eat, drink,mingle and learn in a warm and relaxed setting. Beginners welcome!

Cost is $5. Donations welcome.

7:00 Steve Eisenberg Torah Portion of the Week | JICNY
8:00 Light Dinner and Drinks
8:15 Yom Kippur Workshop with Rabbi Mark Wildes
9:00 Social

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9.18.17 | Rosh Hashana Workshop
9..25.17 | Yom Kippur Workshop
10. 02.17 | Sukkot Workshop

MJE is a non-profit organization that offers classes, Friday night dinners, retreats, parties, Shabbat and Holiday beginner services to a community of young Jewish professionals in their 20s and 30s

For info email atara@jewishexperience.org

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Адрес: New York, 131 W 86th St

Taylor Swift's Revenge: Yom Kippur Workshop

New York, 131 W 86th St