To Be a Scribe in Italy: A Century Old Legacy

Center for Jewish History

According to scholars a great part of the most precious Jewish manuscripts produced up to the 15th century have a connection with the Italian peninsula. A unique calligraphic tradition developed in Italy as a synthesis of different traditions that at one point coalesced and formed a distinct style that has resisted the passage of time. Working as a sofer (scribe) and restorer for more than thirty years, Amedeo Spagnoletto has slowly recovered traditional calligraphic art by making books, liturgical parchments, ketubbot, tefillin and mezuzot and restoring precious Sifrè Torà that were copied between the 13th and 15th centuries. He has this become an keep of the Italian tradition handed down for centuries from generation to generation. In this presentation Rav Spagnoletto will discuss the history, the halakhic norms, the practice and the search for beauty, art and elegance that converge in the making of handwritten Hebrew text.

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To Be a Scribe in Italy: A Century Old Legacy

New York, 15 W 16th St