Odessa Stories, Kibbutznik Style!

Kibbutznik: JCH in Park Slope

An interactive family game, focused on the time and place of Jewish Odessa of 1920s. Together, each family will solve a crime mystery, guided by characters from Odessa-based folklore. This is an immersive experience with visuals, tastes, smells and dialect of the time period. Participants will be able to «touch» the rich history of the world-famous city while uncovering clues, discovering secrets, and laughing their way throughout.

This experience is created and facilitated by Maria Budnitsky in collaboration with Anna Zicer, Rebecca Karpovsky, and Sergey Nagorny.

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Адрес: Brooklyn, 53 Prospect Park W

Odessa Stories, Kibbutznik Style!

Brooklyn, 53 Prospect Park W