The Great Kitchen Tool Mystery

Center for Jewish History

Sometimes a seemingly simple household object holds the key to a secret history! Historian and author Richard Rabinowitz shares the remarkable story of his mother’s bottle opener and how it led him on a twisting, turning journey from New York to Poland to Canada to Vermont – touching on immigration history, the labor movement and, oddly enough, the invention of Crisco! Rabinowitz’s story will provide a thrilling guide for anyone interested in learning how to use simple objects to construct family histories and connections to larger historical narratives. Plus, experts from the Center for Jewish History will share tips on how to preserve your own family ephemera for the next generation.

This program is the first part of a series on family history research, presented in partnership with the Center for Jewish History. A second program takes place Sunday, March 4.

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Адрес: New York, 12 Eldridge St

The Great Kitchen Tool Mystery

New York, 12 Eldridge St