Zhopkin Choir, Stage Reading (in Russian)

STEPS Theater

Zhopkin’s Choir — is a new play (in Russian) by renowned director, playwright and artistic director, Slava Stepnov of Steps Theatre. (This Choir is for those who like to argue for any and all reasons and are always hogging the spotlight resulting in messy confusion). Zhopkin’s Choir is an original dark comedy depicting the lives of immigrant actors in New York. The artistic force behind such memorable STEPS productions as Enemies, A Love Story (based on the novel by I.B. Singer), Vasiliy + Federico (based on the prose of Vasiliy Shukshin) and Ask Joseph (an original play in collaboration with Roman Freud) was inspired to write something about life behind the scenes. In the words of the playwright, “Each one of us has our own song to sing on this earth, one that must be sung with dignity, despite obstacles and conflicts, joys and sorrows, betrayals and oblivion.
For me the title Zhopkin’s Choir, represents our human shortcomings. We are imperfect, and sometimes join our voices in the song of this choir with pleasure. This play seeks to depict how good it would be to live with dignity, and without subjecting each other to deceit and betrayal.

Actors: Yelena Stroganova, Leo Grinberg, Serafi North, David Varer, Asel Otunchieva, Elena Gaverdovskaya, Andrey Chaykovskiy, Marina Bulatkina

Author and Director: Slava Stepnov
Rhythm & Music: Alisa Rusanoff

Reserve your tickets via email: stepstheatre@ gmail.com or over the phone 347-419-9191, information — stepstheatre.com

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Адрес: 138 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, Нью-Йорк 11217, США

Zhopkin Choir, Stage Reading (in Russian)

138 South Oxford Street, Brooklyn, Нью-Йорк 11217, США