Bolshe Nikogda (Never Again!)

Bolshe Nikogda (Never Again!) is a unique supplemental education project funded by the Claims Conference and the Marks JCH of Bensonhurst. The goal of the Program “Never Again” is to supplement local schools with Holocaust learning workshops. These workshops will introduce historical insight into what occurred in the former Soviet Union during WWII. The project will bring eyewitnesses/survivors of the Holocaust into classrooms. These survivors lived in the Soviet Union and came to the US only fairly recently. They will share their personal experiences and provide students with a unique opportunity that is not covered by the NYC schools’ Holocaust curriculum. By bringing a Holocaust survivor/witness into the classroom, the program is adding a personal dimension that will help the students understand the history of 70 years ago. The workshop and all supplemental materials are designed in partnership with the Museum of Jewish Heritage for students of 6th – 12th grades.