Project Dacha

Project Dacha brings informal Jewish experiences directly to Russian-speaking Jewish families who spend their summers at upstate NY cabin communities – Dacha – by providing fun hands-on workshops for children during the week and immersive family activities during the weekends.

Project Dacha is a new model of Jewish day camp designed specifically for Russian-speaking Jewish (RSJ) children, parents, and grandparents, providing informal Jewish educational experiences through a culturally sensitive approach.

Evening & weekend programs are designed for the whole family, including Shabbat celebrations, interactive workshops, and family games.
These experiences strengthen and shape Jewish identity of participants, encourage their future involvement in Jewish life and learning, and make them more comfortable in the Jewish settings.

Many Russian-speaking families from the New York tri-state area spend their summers at “Dacha” – summerhouse communities. Project Dacha engages participants on their own terms, meeting them where they are geographically (at Dacha!), emotionally, and intellectually.