Return Again: Teshuva and Transformation

Jewish Meditation Center of Brooklyn

Join MIndful Element, the JMC, and Brooklyn Jews for an afternoon of reflection and recalibration. Miriam has been offering this Yom Kippur meditation workshop to the Brooklyn Jews for years and we are doing it again.

How do we make space to heal? How do we forgive when we may not be ready to? What are we aiming to return to and what are we trying to transform? Come with your own questions and prayers and be open to being surprised but what you might learn.

Miriam Eisenberger, one of JMC’s leading meditation teachers and founder of Mindful Element, will offer a talk and guided meditations to help us engage with the process of Teshuvah («returning») and the power it can offer us for real transformation.

Free and open to all levels of experience.

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